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About Kathis

Helloooii. I am Kathi, both the head and the heart of Kathis.
As a woman with a height of 1.81m and a shoe size 42/43, I have always been one of the taller women. And to the women with the difficulty - pants too short, sleeves too short - and these shoes "unfortunately are not available in their shoe size".
And especially with the sentence "These shoes - unfortunately they are not available in your shoe size" the feminine heart that beats inside me and my love for aesthetics cried inside, because being a tall woman still means showing your femininity and beauty to the outside world and want to express it.

And since the mainstream shoe industry doesn't really want to care about it, it just takes a woman who knows the need and sets out to help all of us women with a shoe size outside of the norm defined (by someone, at some point).

you see . Kathy is born.

With Kathis I want to inspire women to discover their unique combination of incoherence, to recognize their individual beauty and greatness, to learn to love and to powerfully create security within themselves.

Mood board, collection board, all the first steps


Mood board, collection board, all the first steps.

Model development


Good things take time.

& ALL for the First Time.

Katharina does not come from the shoe industry. That means she set out on the path to being a shoe design and a shoe label, teaching herself the know-how. By trying, trying, falling down, getting up and having the right people by your side.

In 2022 she has developed all models of the 1st collection, ready for production.

ps and it all took a lot more time than originally thought, because a shoe is a highly complex product.

Production Italy


First time. Kathi found the shoe manufacturer in Italy that produces the first collection for Kathi.

The shoe models, which were completely developed in Germany, were perfected for production through meticulous work with all suppliers. The perfect high-quality materials were found and the final touches were made.